Valin's Glory

Valins_Glory.jpgThe eastern plains of Isla were, for untold centuries, a lawless badlands, particularly in comparison to the theocracy of Canon and the scholarly home of Ri Xi. Dozens of small villages and hamlets grew up, around which farmers would create their homesteads. However, predictably, as some took to the plowshare, others took to the sword.

The orcs, and even some humans, formed tribes of nomadic barbarians. These tribes would raid wherever they found a weak chink. Their crimes went from extorting food from farmers, kidnapping women and children and pressing them into service of the tribes for as long as they would last. The villages were only a little safer, and would frequently give tribute to one tribe, only to be sacked by another.

Three hundred years ago a warrior known as Valin rose to change all of that.

It is known that Valin united many of the villages and hamlets. He convinced blacksmiths and tradesmen to make armor and weapons. He set cunning traps for the barbarians, and in some cases slaughtered them wholesale. In other cases he pressed the orcs into servitude and slavery. It was with this machine that the third great human city of Isla was born – and the thankful people named it Valin’s Glory.

Venger_fighter.jpgValin is long deceased, but his legacy continues. Valin’s Glory is run by it’s military, a tight outfit. One general is always assigned to oversee the city, while others lead armies that continue to hunt down barbarians and force their law on surrounding villages and hamlets. Barbarians are sill enslaved, as are many of their descendants. Female orcs were frequently used by their owners, resulting in a breed of half-orcs, some of which are slaves and others treated as freeman descendants of their human parents.

The inhabitant’s of Valin’s Glory call themselves Vengers, and they have little time or use for anything that doesn’t advance their strength and power. Magic is a tool every bit as much as a sword is, and the Divine Plan isn’t considered, save where it’s practitioners can call forth divine magic as a weapon. Human Vengers tend to have fair skin and blonde, reddish or dark hair.

Valin's Glory

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