Ri Xi


If knowledge was power, Ri Xi would be the most powerful city in the land. Sages, artists and wizards thrive in Ri Xi. But while they embrace the arcane, it is Ri Xi which also truly embraces nature and the land.

Ri Xi uses a bizarre form of government, unheard of in other lands. People who live in Ri Xi and are taxed are called “citizens”, and every year, each citizen is allowed to cast a vote to determine who shall join the Pentad. The five members of the Pentad are each given a five year term. If a member is unable to complete her term, the other members select a replacement to serve out her term by consensus. It is the Pentad that rules in Ri Xi.

Ri_Xi_Wizard.jpgHumans in Ri Xi tend to have fair skin with sharp, angular features and flat, black hair. Followers of the Divine Plan are certainly accepted in Ri Xi, but, with the exception of those who follow the paths of Knowledge and Nature, are uncommon.

Ri Xi

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