Isla is the name of the large continental land mass which houses all of known civilization. Due to the tidal influences of the moons, little is known about other continents that may exist on the planet, save perhaps by the Sea Folk.

It isn’t known where the various races that live on Isla came from. Scholars in Ri Xi know that thousands of years ago, civilization on the continent was very different, and possibly more advanced than modern Isla. Legend tells that a powerful dark wizard grew in might and furthered an apocalyptic vision. These legends refer to the wizard in the Ri Xi tongue as Ignis Adducere, or more commonly, the Firebringer. He was defeated by a halfling warrior whose name is also lost to time, but is referred to in stories as The Sliversword. However, the damage wrought by the Firebringer was sufficient to break civilization in this golden age, and at least 1000 years passed before the ancient catacombs of Canon broke ground.

It is known that halflings, dragonborn and tieflings were far more common then, and that elves also built great cities. The ruins of these nations are occasionally unearthed, although at this day it is hard to find more than a few standing walls. There are rumors that gods were worshipped in those days, regarded in Canon as evidence that the prior civilization was primitive and unenlightened.

Tales of goblins and dragons are mere children’s tales in Isla, dismissed entirely in Ri Xi. There are no monsters in Isla, only the races. The idea of a floating sphere with eyes or a giant winged reptile that breathes fire, well, that’s the stuff of a bard in a tavern, spinning yarns for coin. Some wizards or clerics have the ability to raise minor undead, but Isla doesn’t even have words for vampires or liches. And the idea of a demon or angel is purest folly.


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