Look into the night sky on a clear Isla evening, and you’re likely as not to find no less than three moons floating in the sky, and a night where you see only one is a rare night indeed. But Isla’s moons are not white pearls. Instead, the three moons people gaze upon are the Blood Moon’s reddish tint, the emerald glare of the Leaf Moon, and the sapphire light of the Sky Moon.

Scholars in Ri Xi and the Sea Folk are aware that there is a fourth moon in the sky, which they call the Dead Moon. This moon never casts any light, so it’s never seen. But careful observers of the sky can see patterns in the stars winking out of existence and then back in.

The four moons make being near any coast of Isla a dangerous proposition. Waves can sometimes break hundreds of feet high in barely predictable patterns. A wise explorer will turn and flee when he sees the ocean, and the Sea Folk rarely make landfall.

In the legends of the golden age, there are stories of there being only one moon, which cast a white light, and whole cities that thrived on ocean trade. Fairy tales!


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